A ler - Festival of the Trees

Gostei muito do que escreve Jade L Blackwater, responsável pelo Arboreality - Tree Blogging na sua introdução à 12ª edição do Festival de Árvores :
«Greetings and welcome to the Festival of the Trees 12 - Meditations.
Many of us blog about trees or forests because of the personal connections we make with them in our day-to-day. Amid the bombastic cries in the media of "Go Green" and "Stop Global Warming", it can be easy to overlook the power of our individual relationships with trees to help change the way we (as a species) interact with the Earth. When we blog about trees in our respective regions, we share a sort of ongoing, global meditation on the green and growing world. (...) »

E ao ler o que simpaticamente declara sobre a participação portuguesa (do Jorge Neves > do Pedro Santos > e minha > ) nesta edição - «... I was fortunate this month to be found by several bloggers in Portugal, who demonstrate their country's true love of the arboreal»- não posso deixar de suspirar que, infelizmente, there's less to it than meets the eye...

Great job Jade. Thanks from Portugal!

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