Notícia: "...armed only with shrubs and plants..."

«Guerrilla gardeners wage turf war: Guerrilla gardeners are sowing the seeds of resistance in south London,
with a spot of illicit gardening in its neglected public spaces.
Striking at night, armed only with shrubs and plants, they set out to brighten up roundabouts and verges. (...)
Mr Reynolds said he has never run into any problems with the authorities - in fact he even entered one of his guerrilla gardens into a local "in bloom" competition and got a nomination. (...)
It is a continuing battle against vandalism, water shortages and errant cars, but the guerrilla gardeners are holding firm. Member Camilla Maxwell-Morris told the BBC: "It's about brightening up people's lives and putting a bit of green and flowers into the grey areas of London." » Ler reportagem completa (BBC News)
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Anónimo disse...

Será que alguém quem fazer isto ao meu potencial jardim????
Posso dar a morada!

Nuno disse...

Por acaso já sabia deste movimento, não há por aí ninguém interessado em formar recrutas para dar vida a uma avenida cinzenta situada numa cidade do norte de Portugal!

Anónimo disse...