In Search of Paradise: Great Gardens of the World

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« "In Search of Paradise: Great Gardens of the World": Throughout history, gardens have reflected our vision of paradise. In an all-new public exhibition opening September 23, 2006—and coinciding with the unveiling of the Chicago Botanic Garden's newly renovated Education Center—In Search of Paradise: Great Gardens of the World expands visitors' imaginations as they embark on a sensory journey of contemporary gardens from around the globe. (...)»

«Judging by annual attendance figures, public gardens are a major tourist draw.
Both Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia and the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx report ticket sales of close to 800,000 last year. And the stats for the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, are even more impressive with close to 1.5 million visitors in 2005.

Winner of the 1993 Award of Excellence for her book, “Gardening Through the Ages,” given by the Garden Writers Association of America, and the 1996 Royal Horticultural Society Victoria Medal of Honour, the highest award given by the RHS to British horticulturalists, Hobhouse has created a 271-page book that traces man’s attempt to realize the ideal garden. She has compiled gorgeous color photographs and narrative about some of the greatest horticultural installations on Earth. (ler mais) »

Apontadores sobre um livro que recebi de prenda pouco depois da meia-noite ;-)

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Paulo disse...

Parabéns, Manuela. É uma bela prenda, capaz mesmo de deixar alguns leitores do dias com árvores com uma pontinha de inveja...

Rosa disse...

Inveja... Pois.

Paulo J. Mendes disse...

A julgar pela capa, antevejo umas horas mesmo muito bem passadas!