Dos jornais: "Keeping our woods alive"

Para marcar o início de 2005 "Year of the Volunteer" (em Inglaterra), no iCan* publica-se este relato deveras inspirador de Craig Dunsford, "tratador" voluntário de árvores:

«I think trees are beautiful structures. Perhaps it's because I'm a carpenter but I have always been attracted to them and I can't remember a time I haven't been aware of their importance. As a warden I have my name on a community notice board so if anyone has an issue with trees, I am there to advise them. I have acted as the go-between the local authority and the public. For example, if anyone found a tree damaged or broken I could give them advice about what to do or who to talk to. Even if they had a problem with a tree in their garden, I could give tips. My actual knowledge of trees is small in comparison to specialists but I have been able to learn enough to make myself useful. (...) » Continuar a ler.
* "iCan site aims to help people take first steps in addressing issues which concern them"
(sugestão do JRF, Quinta do Sargaçal)

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