Flor das pedreiras

Inula montana L.

The word comradeship just now promises to become as fatuous as the word "affinity." There are clubs of a Socialist sort where all the members, men and women, call each other "Comrade." I have no serious emotions, hostile or otherwise, about this particular habit: at the worst it is conventionality, and at the best flirtation. I am convinced here only to point out a rational principle. If you choose to lump all flowers together, lilies and dahlias and tulips and chrysanthemums and call them all daisies, you will find that you have spoiled the very fine word daisy. If you choose to call every human attachment comradeship, if you include under that name the respect of a youth for a venerable prophetess, the interest of a man in a beautiful woman who baffles him, the pleasure of a philosophical old fogy in a girl who is impudent and innocent, the end of the meanest quarrel or the beginning of the most mountainous love; if you are going to call all these comradeship, you will gain nothing, you will only lose a word. Daisies are obvious and universal and open; but they are only one kind of flower.

G.K. Chesterton, What's wrong with the world (1910)

2 comentários :

Manuel Anastácio disse...

Na verdade, são vários tipos...

Maria Carvalho disse...

Se ampliarem as fotos, poderão notar que, nesta margarida, as folhas são penugentas, as inflorescências são solitárias e, com um pouco mais de atenção, que tem dois tipos de brácteas: umas esverdeadas e lanosas, outras com textura de papel.